Applications for Aeration Systems

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Our Fine Bubble Membrane Diffuser Aeration Systems

The Peak O2 aeration systems fine bubble membrane technology is unsurpassed for efficiency and performance.

The higher oxygen transfer efficiencies will also permit greater process flows and improved effluent quality. When the airflow is stopped, our unique sealing action eliminates plugging common with many coarse bubble diffusers. Peak O2 aeration systems provide better oxygenation and better overall and long-life value.

How the Peak O2 Aeration Systems WorkHow does the diffuser work?

When air is applied, the underside of the membrane expands upward. This opens the slits slightly providing for the release of air from the diffuser into the water, forming fine bubbles as the air escapes. When the air supply is stopped, the flexible membrane deflates to the flat condition which causes the slits to close, thereby stopping the back flow of any fluids into the diffuser. The heavy-duty membrane, which will last 10 years, is specially formulated and molded and has 100 percent rebound memory.


The heavy duty membrane is a specially formulated and molded, EPDM compound.
It has 100% rebound memory and will last 5 to 10 years, even at low airflow rates

Precision perforated “I” slits resist tearing and stay cleaner, longer… open when airflow is
present, close when airflow is stopped.

Outperforms Ceramic Diffusers FlexDisc™ systems offer dramatically decreased
maintenance and downtime as compared to ceramic fine bubble diffuser systems.

Ceramic diffusers, with their rough surfaces and non-uniform air distribution, encourage bio growth. This results in reduced oxygen transfer efficiency and plugging, making it necessary to regularly drain the tanks, hose and spray with dangerous acids or use gases for cleaning.

FlexDisc™ diffuser with its smooth outer surface, uniform fine bubble distribution and continuous flexing of the rubber membrane eliminates build up of any type, thereby assuring a lifetime of efficient, maintenance free performance.

Flex Disc Diffuser Assembly:
for use with our 3/8″ self-sinking air tubing.
Size 10 inches diameter, 5 inches high,
Air flow specs. 1/4 CFM – 6.0 CFM
10-year service life.

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