Mona Anderson Pond Testimonial

We purchased our small pond Aeration system Oct. 14 2007 we live in Iowa, so the temperature can be anywhere -30 below zero with Windchill or 100 degrees. We keep our aerator on 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week 365 days a year it never shuts off. We NEVER have had a problem with this product.

Our pond has a deck built in it, so we have to keep the aerator on so we have open water around the 4×4 legs of the deck so they do not freeze and bust.
Also the summer we like to bring up the cold water from the 30 foot bottom of the pond.

The motor is not a submersible motor, but we know of 3 times the motor has been under water when we have had (quick)floods that have come up….And still have NEVER had a problem it just keeps working and it is so quiet!

We would recommend this product to everyone!
And we have had our friends purchase this system for their pond too!

Great prices and service!