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Just a note about our AP100 we installed several years ago. The pump is running after 4 years of continual use.

Last year during the drought in East Texas most ponds dried up completely. Our pond was down to a small section of water no more that 25 to 35  ft. in diameter and 2 or 3  ft. deep. All of the catfish and brim in the pond was in this remaining pool of water with the aerator. Without a doubt, this saved our fish until some rain in the fall and we never had one floater.

Thank you again for a life-saving product and reliable service. We spread the word as much as we can.

Thanks, again.

Tom and Marilyn Eutis

“These systems are so easy to install and you cannot beat the price, service, and shipping at Peak O2.

I spent days searching for a pond aeration system that was cost effective and worked like I expected.  I looked at various systems over the last few months and couldn’t decide what to buy because the prices were so expensive. After our lake management company quoted us over $3,000 to install an aeration system in a small 1/4 acre pond, I decided to keep searching and finally found Peak O2. I spent less than $500 on one system and installed it myself.  I couldn’t go wrong for the price.  Other companies had the same equipment for a lot more.

Once I received the order, I had to call with some questions, which were all answered immediately with very helpful solutions.  We installed the system and within several days, our pond went from a dark brown color to a beautiful, healthy green!  The pump worked absolutely perfect for a small price!  We liked it so much we ordered another system for one of our other ponds.  It too is working great.”

Tracy O'Neil

For a budget approach to pond aeration, here is what I have been doing. This is the kit I bought about 9/2010 from Peak O2 (formerly Western Ponds). It consists of a Danner AP100 pump, sinkable tubing, two diffusers and was equipped with a manifold.

The pump ran near continuous for four years, and was refurbished and ran another three years. The older manifold had cracked, so I recently replaced it and purchased another pump.


Paul Garner

PS: The fish now live through the winter.

See Paul Garner’s Pond

Paul Garner

We purchased our small pond Aeration system Oct. 14 2007 we live in Iowa, so the temperature can be anywhere -30 below zero with Windchill or 100 degrees. We keep our aerator on 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week 365 days a year it never shuts off. We NEVER have had a problem with this product.

Our pond has a deck built in it, so we have to keep the aerator on so we have open water around the 4×4 legs of the deck so they do not freeze and bust.
Also the summer we like to bring up the cold water from the 30 foot bottom of the pond.

The motor is not a submersible motor, but we know of 3 times the motor has been under water when we have had (quick)floods that have come up….And still have NEVER had a problem it just keeps working and it is so quiet!

We would recommend this product to everyone!
And we have had our friends purchase this system for their pond too!

Great prices and service!

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Mona Anderson

Thanks for the screws and such great shipping!!

I appreciate the fact that I won’t have to run around looking for the screws.

Brian Blair

Installed the AP-40 and placed an eight ft beam across the pond and spaced out the 4 lines. Wow! Lots of air bubbles. Have all of them down about a foot. We had a 64 degree day and it melted 3 inches of ice on the pond. Saw my fish for the first time in a month but even with all my chipping and pounding away at the ice, they all survived.

Today it is 27 degrees and edges of the pond are already freezing but the aeration is great. You definitely picked the right size aerator.


Thanks for your advice.

Richard Davis

Just a quick note to confirm that our aeration system was delivered by UPS this morning.  I had it installed and running by mid-afternoon and it seems to be doing great.

So we’re goin’ and blowin’.

We haven’t lost many more fish. Hopefully, our 100+ degree days are mostly behind us. St. Louis set a record last week.

Glad to know our timing was good in placing the order. I was afraid you might be out of stock, since you’ve had a long hot spell, too.

Thanks for your help.

Dennis Tiede

I am quite pleased & impressed with your service & “extra” steps taken by you to ensure my order was “personal” to you guys!

These days it is all about the dollar & after that ….who cares…..I find your concern & follow up info about my order to be refreshing. You guys have made a VERY good impression on me & everyone I think may need your services.

Again, a sincere “Thank You” for your impressive business practice.

R.E. Parker, Jr.

Just wanted to let you know that I have your ‘large pond system’ in place and hooked up. It runs beautifully and is so quiet!

I love it. The only thing I would change is to get longer lines. The force of air is great and the geese and ducks love it too!

Thank you so much for a fantastic product.


Greeting from Northwest Florida,

We bought one of your systems for our 1250 gallon septic tank and couldn’t be more pleased!

The Flex Disc has been in our septic tank for one year and 3 months and we haven’t had the tank pumped out since

I tell everybody who talks about their septic woes to go to your web site. The system is inexpensive, easy to install, doesn’t need any ongoing maintenance, and IT WORKS!


One Happy Customer

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