Peak O2 Large Pond Aeration Kit #4


The Peak O2 large pond aeration kit powerfully aerates ponds up to 1.5 acres under 20 feet in depth.

Our Large Pond Aeration Kit Includes:

  • 1/4 HP Rotary Compressor
  • 200ft – 3/8″ Self-Sinking Air Tubing
  • 4 each – 10″ Round Diffusers
  • 4 Way Control Valve
  • Includes 6′ cord already wired for 110 Volt
  • Installation Hooks
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Large Pond Aeration Kit

The Peak O2 large pond aeration kit delivers excellent service and long-life value. The aeration kit components are grouped to aerate larger ponds up to 1.5 acres in size that are under 20 feet in depth. Improve the condition of your larger pond and be rewarded with healthier fish and plant life.  Learn more about Large Pond Aeration.

Important Technical Information:
The rotary compressor 1/4 HP motor is dual voltage, 110 volt or 220-volt single phase. Peak O2 provides your new rotary compressor wired for 110 volt use. It’s ready to be put into service when you receive it. Rated 4.4 amp @ 110v and 2.2amp @ 220v. The rotary compressor is warrantied for one year. Many of our customers report great service life, servicing the compressor near the three-year mark. Our 1/4 HP compressor rebuild kit is available and easy to install. Check out out rotary compressor rebuild How-To guide.

Common applications for the Large Pond Aeration System

  • Farm Ponds to 1 acre less than 20 ft deep
  • Retention Pond and Lagoons Water Features for HOAs
  • Water Features for Commercial Landscape Fish Farms
  • Tilapia Farms
  • Shrimp Rearing
  • Waste Water Containers
  • Wetlands
  • Waste Containment

Pump Installation Tips

  • Pump should be covered to protect from getting wet
  • Pump should be well ventilated
  • The pump does have a high temperature shut off switch
  • The pump can be remotely positioned away from the pond
  • Cold weather will not effect the performance of the pump
  • The pump should not be stalled, always leave at least one valve open.

Learn more about Large Pond Aeration

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