Peak O2 Aeration Kit #2


Equipped with the 3.6CFM Air Pump, the Peak O2 Aeration Kit powers medium size ponds with ease. Linear Pumps are extremely quiet,
highly efficient operation with simple maintenance, and oil less

For ponds up to 3/4 Acre under 10 feet in depth


  • 1 each – 3.6CFM Air Pump
  • 50 ft. – 3/8″ Self Sinking Air Tubing
  • 2 each – 10″ Round Diffuser
  • Dual Control Valve
  • Installation Hooks
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Perfect for medium size ponds, the Peak O2 Aeration Kit #2 is equipped with two diffusers, 50 feet of self-sinking air tubing, and the 3.6 CFM air pump.  Learn more about the 3.6 CFM Air Pump, a linear pump that is extremely quiet. The oil-less pump provides high efficiency operation, long-life service with simple maintenance when needed.  You’ll make the correct decision installing this kit in medium size ponds.

In smaller ponds, larger populations of fish or significant plant life can require additional aeration power to break down organic matter in the bottom of the pond. Make sure to add enough oxygenating power with the right aeration kit.

Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 in