Peak O2 Septic Aeration Kit


Designed for Septic Tanks up to 10 feet Deep


  • 1 each – 3.6CFM Air Pump
  • 50ft – 3/8″ Self Sinking Air Tubing
  • 1 each – 22″ Tube Diffuser
  • Control Valve
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The Peak O2 Septic Aeration Kit is designed for Septic Tanks up to 10 feet deep. The aeration kit can also be used for winter aeration under smaller boats.  Our kit includes everything you need: a powerful 3.6CFM air pump, 50 feet of our 3/8″ self-sinking air tubing, a 22″ Tube Diffuser, and a control valve.

Adding our septic aeration kit pumps air into the septic tank encourages the development of beneficial aerobic bacteria in you wastewater treatment. Many users of septic tank aeration also report reduction in foul smell.

This kit is also purchased by boaters to provide aeration under and around smaller craft during winter months and decreases harmful ice build-up.  The 50 feet of self-sinking air tubing included in this kit provides good access for many winter installations.


Septic Aeration from Peak O2

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 14 × 9 in