Diffuser Assembly Installation

Learn all about what makes our fine bubble membrane diffuser technology better.


Follow these easy steps to complete your new diffuser install.

1. Diffuser is shown as shipped

Diffuser How To #1

2. Top of diffuser removed

Diffuser How To #2







3. Weight added by customer

Diffuser How To #3


4. Diffuser ready for installation

Diffuser How To #4

5. Using supplied hangers

Diffuser Install How To #5

6. Lowered into the water

Diffuser How To #6


7. On bottom and finished

Diffuser How To #7


Peak O2 Diffuser Install

Step by step easy installation

  1. Connect diffuser to airline and air pump.
  2. Remove top of the diffuser.
  3. Add your own weight to the diffuser.
  4. Replace top of the diffuser.
  5. Spread and place wire installation hanger in three holes.
  6. Using your own pipe or another tool, lower into water onto pond bottom.
  7. Switch on the air pump and start seeing the benefits of great aeration.

Note: Photos above show previous white colored version of the Peak O2 aeration diffuser.